How To Publish a Post on your RTWD WordPRess Website

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On March 16, 2023

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Publish a Post on your RTWD WordPRess Website

STEP 1  

Login to your website Go to Posts – All Posts  

STEP 2  

Click on – Duplicate This  

Duplicate the Draft template post  

so you always have a draft ready for your next post/article  

STEP 3  

Click on Edit  

Click edit to go the the editing screen  

STEP 4  

Change the existing Post Title to title of your new post  

STEP 5  

Click on Edit next to Permalink under post title  

There has been an update where saving after entering your post title will change the permalink to the new post title. 
For me editing manually ensures you have the permalink as you want it.  

STEP 6  

This must be the same as post title above  

If you are using a very long post title shorten the permalink but keep your target keyword (if you are using one) in the permalink for SEO  

STEP 7  

Click on OK  

STEP 8  

Click save – This is good practice throughout this task so you don’t lose your work 

STEP 9  

Delete sample content and add your new post content  

STEP 10  

Click on Set featured image  

The featured image will be displayed at the top of the post page and on the blog page where all the posts are shown  

STEP 11  

Choose an image from your media library  

Landscape images are prefered  

STEP 12  

Ensure the correct category is selected  

STEP 13  

Save Draft post  

STEP 14  

Click preview post to see how post will look when published  

STEP 15  

If you are happy with the post preview, go ahead and click publish  

Your News Post is now Live online  

There are other considerations such as editing your post content and scheduling post publishing which I can cover in another how to guide if you like.  

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