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Hi I’m Richard

This is where you can find out more about me. Hopefully you’ll get a sense of what makes me tick, and if you are looking to ask me to help with your project, then you can figure out whether we’d work well together. There’s nothing worse than letting someone into your vision and trust them with your project only to find they think they know best, don’t communicate with you, or even try to steer your project away from your well thought out plan.

Web Design

I've been building websites since 2009, building professional and affordable websites for businesses and individuals who want a new website or a re-design to enhance their online presence. SEO Ready and responsive meaning they work on Desktop, Tablet and Mobile and set to be found in the search results.
I use Elegant Themes Divi Theme and builder to create your website which cuts down on build time, saving you money and getting your website launched faster.

Website Maintenance

It became obvious to me that people weren't maintaining their websites after being built, leaving it open to all sorts of unscrupulous people looking to hack and take over websites. Not an outcome anyone wants. So I started offering my value for money Web Care Plan to clients with smaller sites who can see the importance of keeping their websites up to date and secure but didn't necessarily have the money to pay for higher priced plans. This has become a very popular option of my clients and continues to provide value to them all.

This is the other me!!

All my life I’ve loved drumming, but we didn’t have a lot of money as a kid so I made my own drums out of biscuit tins and cling film, which were great but unfortunately didn’t last long frown
I’ve never been a drum kit player as my coordination isn’t that great, but I played Side drum for a time while I was in the Army and got to bash about on different instruments whenever I could.
This wasn’t planned, (well not consciously), but a couple of years after moving to Glastonbury I formed a wonderful Performance Drumming Troupe here in Glastonbury called ‘The Dragon Drummers.’ I had dreamt of performing again but didn’t think I would get to do anything like this! Now I get to dress up, wear makeup and play some great drumming with some amazing friends for whoever wants to listen.
Usually, we are drumming up Glastonbury High Street but also get asked to perform at events and festivals.


Office Hours

Mon: 10:00 - 17:00
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Richard Thorne Web Design
3 Silver Street

Email: Click here
Phone: 07454150797

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