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Below is pretty much all you need to know about what I can do for you, I feel it’s important to be as transparent as possible so please take your time to read fully and get back to me with any questions you may have.

I design websites using WordPress which is one of the most robust, flexible and popular systems used to build websites on the Internet and powers over 42% of the websites on the internet in 2023 according to AOVUP.com, so you can see WordPress is a very well supported platform to have your website built with.

Here is a run down of what you need to get
your WordPress website online.

Domain Name

A domain name is the web address for a website. It’s what you type into the browser to visit a site. It’s a user-friendly name, making it easy to remember and find websites on the internet.

I can register a new domain name for you or if you already have a domain I can transfer it to my account and manage it for you. Or leave it where it is, it’s up to you.


Hosting is like renting space on the internet to store your website’s files and make it accessible online. It’s where your website “lives.” When someone types your domain name, the hosting server delivers the content, allowing others to view your site on the web.

Basic hosting includes:

25 Gb Bandwidth – This is the amount of data you can use for visitors to view your website.
10 Gb Disk Space – The amount of space you have on the hosting server. Like space on your computer hard drive.
10 Email Addresses – You can have up to 10 domain emails i.e. info@yourdomainname.co.uk
FREE SSL Certificate (256 Bit Certificate Included) – This secures the data between your server and your visitors browser.

Website Care Plan

Optional but Highly Recommended

To keep your website safe and secure I offer a Website Care Plan which is probably the best value for money around and will keep your website safe and online.
Included in my Website Care Plan is:

Weekly Updates to WordPress, Themes and Plugins

Like your computer and phone, WordPress needs updating to protect against the latest hacking attempts.

Wordfence security plugin (free version)

Scans for malware and provided unauthorised login attempts

Daily off site backup of database and files

Important in case the hosting server has an issue
Uptime Monitoring (every 5 minutes) which lets me know if your website goes offline for any reason.

Monthly Client Reports
Email support Monday to Friday
Phone support Monday to Friday

Visit the Website Care Plan page on my website to find out why protecting your website is so important and why I recommend the fully managed option your best deal.

Hosting package for £44.00 (Hosting £5.00 Care Plan £39.00)

Okay, now for the nitty gritty. What needs to happen to bring your ideas to life, online.



Design and Structure

I build your website from a template chosen from the Elegant Themes layout library, Divi is a premium Theme and page builder which you get for free while a client of mine. The template determines how your website will look and the functions it will have.
Building this way cuts out a lot of consultation and design time that comes with custom website development, which in turn allows me to offer the prices I do which works out more cost effective for you.

Sections on the web page can be duplicated or deleted as needed, colours and fonts changed to suit your branding at the beginning of the project but any custom work you ask for will be an additional cost to the project.

There are 100’s of layouts to choose from, take a look at the layouts that are available .

You can also see some of the websites I have built for clients on my website here.

Your Homepage

Home Page

The home page structure will be determined by the layout you choose but don’t forget you can change the colours, text and fonts at the start of the project if you decide on different ones.

Typically your homepage is where you lay out your stall, showing visitors what you have to offer and how you can help them.
You will want to include some or all of the 5 points described here.

Who you are or what is the purpose of your website

Tell visitors who you are or explain your website’s purpose in simple, engaging terms. Give a quick overview that captures the essence of your brand or the main goal of your website. Keep it brief but authentic, creating a connection with your audience from the start.

What you have to offer

Showcase your unique offerings with clarity. Outline the distinct services or products that set you apart from the competition. Be specific about how your solutions address customers’ needs. Engage visitors by highlighting the value and benefits they gain from choosing your offerings, creating a compelling call to action.

Why people should trust you

Instill confidence through transparency. Communicate your expertise, reliability, and commitment to building trust. Share success stories, certifications, or industry recognition to reinforce credibility. Demonstrating a customer-focused approach and providing clear, honest information fosters a sense of reliability, encouraging visitors to trust your brand with their needs and aspirations.

The benefits of working with you

Paint a picture of the positive outcomes clients can expect, compelling them to envision the transformative journey they embark upon by partnering with you.

What action they should take next

Clearly articulate the desired action, whether it’s contacting you, exploring your portfolio, or initiating a consultation. Craft a compelling call-to-action that aligns with your overall messaging. Make the path forward intuitive, encouraging visitors to take the pivotal next step in their journey with your brand.

homePage Structure

Typical sections for your home page can be:

Hero or Top section with a link to your Call To Action (CTA)

This can be static or a slider with links to other pages of your website or other sections of the home page if you want a one page website.

About you/your company.

This is where you show visitors a little about you, your business and start to build trust. 

Services you offer.

Describe your offerings, be they services, treatments or therapies ideally you want a page for each of these but can also be all on one page.


Testimonials can be together in one section or dotted around the page depending on the page layout.

Contact form.

This is a global section located at the bottom of the homepage and throughout the website and includes contact information, a map for location based businesses and contact form for visitors to get in touch.

These sections are not set in stone and can be changed left out or expanded on.
Any additional functionality such as a calendar can be included as long as the service we decide to use is free. Premium subscriptions are paid by you to the 3rd party providing the service.
As well as the above we will have sections for any other additional pages below we agree on.

Additional Website Pages

Typically the rest of the website pages are based on the finalised home page design to keep consistency throughout the website.

Ideally you will have a separate page for each service or therapy you provide to be able to target each service individually for marketing purposes.

You’ll be surprised how much information you can fit on your homepage, quite often and to keep costs down, clients opt for a one page website which is effectively a homepage with navigation at the top of the page to individual sections furhter down the page.

Here you can see a list of typical website pages for a service based website.

About Me/Us

Provide a personal or professional introduction, sharing your background, qualifications etc.


Detail the specific services you offer and any specialized areas or modalities you focus on.


Include your contact information, such as, phone number, address if a location based service and a contact form for inquiries or appointment scheduling.


If applicable, oyu can have a page for clients to schedule appointments or sessions online.
There are various ways to to bookings on your website 3rd party services like Acuity or Baluu offer a variety of ways to schedule appointments and book services which are embedded into your website, there are also WordPress plugins to add to your website to have appointment and booking functions managed from the WordPress dashboard.


Testimonials are a great way to showcase positive feedback from previous clients to build trust and credibility. You can add a form to the page for clients and visitors to leave testimonials.

Share informative articles or blog posts related to your niche to engage visitors and establish expertise. Share these articles with your social media pages to promote your website and services and to build search engine authority.
Legal Pages

You should have legal pages such as Terms and Conditions, Privacy policy, GDPR Policy etc on your website.
These pages not only help protect your business legally but also establishes a foundation for a transparent and trustworthy relationship with your visitors and potential clients.


Words and Pictures for your website

Before I start your project, I’ll require all content including text, images, video etc to be sent to me to help the creative process and highlight any compatibility issues that may arise before work is started.

Content creation can be a stumbling block for many people. You want a new shiny website to showcase what you have to offer but getting that content to me isn’t as easy as you thought. I understand I’m rubbish at writting too, and paying a copywriter doesn’t always  work out, they may not write in the style that resonates with you or they’re just too expensive. 

Now with the rise of AI I am able to offer AI Assisted content creation! I’m not suggesting creating all of your content using AI but it’s a great starting point from which we can edit the content it produces and make it your own. Using AI definitely speeds up the content creation process. If AI doesn’t feel like a soluiton for you I can source a copywriter for you.

Pay Monthly Website Plan

Before making a decision please read this!

Traditionally website design is paid for in stages. an inital payment to get things started they stage payments throughout the ptoject as each stage is taken on.

I am pleased to let you know there is an alternative!

Before deciding on whether traditional pricing website works for you, you may want to consider my Pay monthly Website Plan.

With things the way they are in the economy more and more people are finding a greater need to ensure they get good value for their money so I have introduced my Pay Monthly Website Plan where I give you everything in the email above for a monthly subscription of £59.00

That includes:

  • building your website,
  • hosting,
  • weekly maintenance (Website Care Plan),
  • new pages (up to 5 additional [pages)

It’s practically free web design! For an affordable monthly fee.

Pay Monthly Website Plan Plus!

If you intend making regular changes to your website content, publishing blog posts and articles and any other content updates then my Pay Monthly Website Plan Plus is for you!

For the price of 1 hour of my time I will publish the content and make the changes you ask for.

How it Works

There are a couple of conditions to your Pay Monthly Website Plan.

  1. Any 3rd party paid services you may want to use such as the copywriter I recommend or the auto updating privacy policy generator you may wish to add to your website are not included in the monthly price.
  2. E Commerce isn’t included.
  3. My Pay Monthly Website Plan is contract free however if you want to cancel all I ask is that you pay the balance of what your website would have cost if you paid upfront less any monthly payments already made.

Please let me know if you have any questions or just want my Web Design Prices UK get in touch or call me.

I’m looking forward to building your website and help bringing your online creations to life.