The 5 Top Internet Browsers for Those Who Care About Privacy and Security

On April 30, 2021

Top Internet Browsers

Browsers are meant to connect you to the internet, allow you to surf websites, and possibly download files off the web too. It is, however, sad to note that this is all most of the commercial browsers around today offer to their users.
A good internet browser goes the extra mile to ensure that its users are safe and secure when surfing the web. If you also care about something like this – as you should – here are the browsers to get yourself.

1 Mozilla Firefox

Firefox thrives on how it can be a basic browser and privacy-focused one at the same time.

This is because the browser is just like every other one in the market out-of-the-box. However, the developers have put the option to make it a privacy stronghold in the settings page. All you have to do is go there to tweak things to your taste, and you are good to go.

From preventing cookie tracking to frustrating browser fingerprinting techniques, it does almost everything.

2 Safari

Apple employs both artificial intelligence and machine learning systems to make sure everything you do on their safari browser is very safe. That tells you how much they care.

With these systems, they intelligently track and block retargeting cookies so that advertisers do not see the sites you visit – and bombard you with their ads on those sites too. 

Safari also has a unique protocol to eliminate browser fingerprinting. Add that to the private mode which keeps cookies away and your history clean, and we have a deserved entry here.

3 Tor

Many people have known Tor for a while now. What they do not know is that this is the advanced brother to the Mozilla Firefox.

Tor does its job by being an Onion, so to speak. Every data you transmit on the web when using this browser is run though many different layers before it gets to the target website. By the time your data reaches the platform you are surfing, they have no idea about who you are, your IP address, details of your computer and such.

In short, it uses a system of nodes to make the target server at the exit node unaware of anything about you at all.

4 Brave Browser

It seems that the spawns of the Firefox browser are ruling, telling you so much about the kind of security on that one.

With the Brave browser, we are happy to tell you that it was developed by one of the engineers who worked on the Mozilla Firefox too. What we love the most about this Brave browser is how the developers would rather tear it down to rebuild from scratch than to patch things which could later become a problem.

5 DuckDuckGo Private Browser

For those who have heard the DuckDuckGo name before, we bet it is concerning their search engine. This search engine was made to rival Google in one aspect mainly – privacy. That tells you everything you need to know about this developer.

They have an ad tracker and blocker system which is not bad in any way. They also have their private search engine which doesn’t log your data – so that’s the better for your privacy options anyways.

Beefing up your Browser Security

We are not saying that the other browsers are outright bad, but they do not offer the level of security you get with the above picks. If you’d like to keep using them, though, you can easily get a VPN to layer your connection over for an improved security model. 

Make sure you download a reputable VPN that will offer you top-notch privacy in not logging your data themselves. A VPN can protect your traffic and data especially when you are using public networks. 

Make sure you have the tools you need to stay private online and protect your data and personal information. 

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