Are you keeping your WordPress website protected?

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Five Essentials For Keeping Your WordPress Website Safe

Your website is critical to your business – are you taking care of it?

As one of the most important assets in your business, it’s vital that you keep your website updated, protected and online.

If your website is offline or has a major issue, this will affect your revenue and your customers.

It’s important to be vigilant in today’s modern world as the average website will have automated attacks looking for weaknesses, multiple times per day.

Our free guide will help you to put together a clear plan for your website, help you understand the importance of security and give you better peace of mind.


Learn why backups and a disaster recovery plan are vital for your business
Understand why you should never give our your main passwords to third parties
Put together a website maintenance schedule that helps you and your employees
See why it’s important to choose a good web hosting company for your website
Learn what happened to one business owner who neglected his website

Our Clients Said…

Richard is a really good and positive communicator who is interested in people. He is reliable and a reassuring presence especially if your software is on the blink!
Above all Richard is a kind, helpful and honest person who loves a challenge and is great to have on your side.”

A Ward

Richard Thorne has been a great support bringing his many internet skills to The Avalon Community Centre . He is Community minded and this is reflected in the very generous rate for his services . I would not hesitate to recommend him to any business/personal website support.

H Malpas

The Avalon Community Centre

Richard Thorne provides me with a professional and friendly service, making for an efficient, as well as friendly, experience.

C Carter

“Richard ensures every issue no matter how big or small is managed swiftly and effectively. He looks for ways in which I can save my company money and ensure my websiite security. He has also created a care package so I can now keep many services in house which I typically I would have outsourced. This has savied me considerable time and money.
I highly recommend Richard.

Nicola Mann

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