Google My Business is a listing service that details your company’s location, operating hours, photos, and reviews. When customers Google places, the search engine will display a customizable listing along with the search results.

The page results direct users to a small box appearing at the right side of the results hand. It contains blurbs about the company followed by closely related businesses search by association.

Why should your business get listed on Google My Business now?

Google reported that they get over three million searches every day for businesses near the searcher’s area. If you’re a business owner, you want to make sure that your company can be found too.

Potential customers often discover a Google listing business near them by tapping the search engine. Take note that about 97% of customers read online reviews about a local company at Google My Business.

That’s a significant business potential if you want to redirect customers to your site.

Other than that, people get quickly cranky when they can’t find information about your brand or company. In today’s age, people considered that a business without an online presence is no business at all.

Benefits of getting listed at Google My Business

Giving necessary information about your business and online channels to Google will help in higher website ranking results, making it easier for customers to find you.

Here are more advantages if getting listed now:

  • It’s fast, free, and easy. Setting up your business to Google will only take a few minutes. The process is painstakingly hassle-free especially when Google guides you through the whole ordeal.

What’s more is that you don’t have to pay for advertising space to get your business visible on search engines.

  • Improves SEO. Google will notice your business if it’s been optimized well for its SEO algorithms. If providing a good deal of information as many as possible about your business, Google will decode your company, what you’re offering, and who your audience is to redirect people within that demographic to your site.

It’ll rank higher than your competitors and leave you like an authority figure of your industry. And since Google My Business is free, it serves as a low-cost SEO tactic to improve company visibility.

  • Boosts trust and engagement. Google allows engagement with your customers as they encourage users to leave reviews, comments, and questions for your business. Pay attention to what they’re writing about you.

Even though positive reviews can earn you trust, never forget to answer kindly to those who leave negative comments about your business. Take it as a chance to improve your company’s procedures and workmanship.

  • Prelude to your website. Google allows businesses to place a booking or selling button for customers to transact with you directly. You’ll get a free basic website that comes along with it when you open a Google Listing slot right now.

The website has been generated from the information you gave on Google.

  • It has analytics. The listing service provides insights of your customer’s actions. How have they found you? Where did they click? When has been the highest time where they searched for you?

You can use the information to target your customers and drive them to your business. The analytics will serve as a forecast for your marketing efforts and how to further boost sales or services.

  • Visibility on Google Maps. If you’ve placed the address of your physical location on Google My Business, the search engine will also map out your venue. It’ll help customers find their way to your site if they search for your business.

Google Maps will also help your target audience know the fastest route to your business. They’ll give info on time, and distance one can cover when walking, biking, or driving to the site.

  • Lists multiple service locations. If your business has various locations, Google will pinpoint them on the map and refer the closest store to the customer. Additionally, they will also display the different phone numbers, operating hours, and information about that certain franchised or leased business.

Google My Business is easy to update. You don’t have to worry modifying the different values of each business location. You can do all of them on your dashboard.

If you’ve decided to get listed on Google today, the next thing you need to do is to optimize your listing so that it’ll be easier for customers to discover you. Localizing your business with SEO may take time and hard work, but it’ll pay off in the end.

Factors Regarding Your Google My Business listing

If you want to have better SEO ranking with your Google listing, you must know the elements you need to consider achieving.

  1. Distance. The closest company within the searcher’s area will always appear. If the customer is looking for a restaurant near him, Google will send listings within 100m range or more.

But even if your business is not around the area, but have excellent SEO ranking, it’ll still show up.

  1. Relevance. If the client is looking for an interior design company, and you offer pet grooming services, it’s highly unlikely that your business will show up.

If you want your company to be more Google-relevant, add essential keywords to your business description so that Google can read your listing.

  1. Reviews. The more positive reviews you get, the higher you are in search rankings. A listing proven to be significant to customers will also be wonderful in the eyes of Google.

To the search engine, trusted listings are legit businesses.

Tips in optimizing your Google Listing

There are rules you need to follow when listing your company so as not to get penalized by Google. If you want your business to stand out, here are tips you need to know.

  1. Complete your listing information

Place the most important aspect of your business. Without them, customers won’t find any information about you. The data you need to place are:



Phone number

Operating hours (including holidays)

Business category

Company description

Payments accepted

Sales and services (optional)

Add keywords to your business profile to reach more audience. However, keep them to a minimum of one percent of the total number of words per article piece.

  1. Add photos

Adding photos of your business will increase audience engagement by 500%. That’s because the visual content is more interesting and compelling than describing your business.

The tip here is to add photos of your services, clients, customers, building, or company personnel. It’ll add more trust and value to those who are searching for you online.

Also, you must name your photos well and add essential keywords to the image. By doing so, your picture will pop up the next time a customer is searching for online photos of a company.

Customers will also provide images of your company to leave reviews about your services. It’ll help further boost your Google listing page.

  1. Make a post feature about your business

Adding posts about the company allows you to advertise your products for free. Customers will also get enticed with what you write and thus visit your site.

More so, regular updates aren’t only great for your customer’s, but it’s also a way to have your listing rank higher. By adding additional keywords to your posts, customers will easily find your business.

  1. Try Local Business Schema

Local Business Schema has a code snippet you can use your website’s tags. This will also be helpful when you have a branch, franchise, or leasing business on the sides.

The data you placed in LBS is recommended to create a local search on the desktop, mobile and for voice search. Fill in the optional fields to describe your business to get the best SEO results.

  1. Add and answer FAQs or questions

Consider this as your offline SEO, but still an essential marketing strategy. Place frequently asked questions on your Google My Business listing and answer them truthfully.

Also, if a customer asks a question, it’s best to respond it within 12-24 hours. Your prompt response can give you positive feedback on how to handle issue or communication with a potential customer.

Some successful businesses have added keywords on their response to up their SEO. While you may do this, it’s best to keep your answers simple and direct.

Adding “fluffy” keywords to the answer might even harm your listing’s SEO.

  1. Respond to reviews

If a customer left positive feedback on your business, don’t forget to say “Thank you.” Even if people say bad things about the company, gently respond to them while promising to improve better on the next.

A responsive business will earn you points with Google and have you rank higher in search engines.

Reviews are one of the important aspects of Google My Business. Having positive reviews will improve business visibility and trust. Make sure to outweigh them with your negative feedback.

  1. Add buttons

Don’t be afraid to be direct and add call-to-action buttons on the listing page. Buttons like “Buy,” “Sign Up,” or “Reserve” will induce customers to act on your service.

It saves them the hassle of ordering online, talking to staff or wait for document processing. Having a call-to-action button saves time.

Lastly, pay attention to your analytics if these SEO tips work. Always modify and update your listings to the current trends so that customers will love to stop by your place.

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