Have you even wanted to leave  google my business review for a business you’ve used or maybe the shop or restaurant you’ve just been to asked you to leave a review, then when you agreed and said “sure, how do I do that?” they gave instructions which started something like:-

I always thought you couldn’t leave a review on Google my business without a Gmail account until I came across articles by broadly.com and targetthemarket.co.uk and other sources that explain how to leave a Google my business review without a Gmail account. The articles suggest using Google Maps.

Steps to writing a Google Review without a Gmail account

  1. Open Google Maps and search for the business you want to review
  2. Rate the business by choosing how many stars to rate them
  3. Write your review add any pics and post


Wanting to know more I looked for more proof before going any further this is what I found.
broadly.com, targetthemarket.co.uk, gatherup.com and others all say you don’t need a Gmail account, then I noticed the articles I was reading were mentioning Google Plus, which is now obsolete, and the publishing dates were a while ago. Was I reading old out of date information?
Then I came across this one at epresence.ie, their post was published last year 2019 and says it is possible to publish a review on Google my Business without a Google account. To check the validity of their information I posted a comment and am hoping for a reply telling me what I‘m missing.

Can I leave a Review or Can I Not leave a Review?

There are as many articles posts and information that say you have to log in to your Google account to leave a review, and why not!? Why would Google let you leave a review on Google My Business or Google Maps unless you signed in? You have to sign into any other website to leave a review or comment, I guess the difference here might be that other websites let you sign in with email addresses other than Gmail. This article on Quora says you can’t do it.

The Big GMB Review Reveal.

BUT! There was one piece of information missing or I didn’t see it (that’s quite typical of me he he) from the articles I read Fran Eleazer from Social Spark Media published a video that shows how to leave that, up till now, elusive review for your favourite local business.


Did you notice what the missing step was?

Google My Business Review without Gmail account

Well if you read the same articles as me you’d probably have noticed it is to click the “I prefer to use my current email address” link on the sign up screen instead of creating a new Google account.
Watch the video again if you’re unsure what I mean .

So there you are, you can leave a Google My Business Review without a Gmail account. Now you know that it’s time to get those reviews rolling in.

Leave a comment and please do share if you found this interesting or helpful.

In my next article, I will be outlining step by step how to create a review link you can use to get customers to your Google My Business listing for them to leave you a review.


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